DWSRECORDS is an independent label founded in 2008 by a private collector of Italo-Disco & Euro-Disco music from 80's on LP's and 12" vinyl records. The label specializes in Italo-Disco and Euro-Disco music which never been released on CD's before.

 Our goal is to accomplish the best possible audio sound restored from original vinyl records and release these tracks on the factory pressed CD's. This is a very difficult, time consuming and fairly expensive audio restoration, but we do it for Italo-Disco and Euro-Disco fans. Most tracks on our CDs releases are extremely rare and very expensive to buy and hard to find in perfect condition. All releases are printed in  "Limited Edition" 300 or 500 copies and some are already sold out. Some copies are left in stock, do not miss your chance to obtain them now.

 We are proud of our work, it’s a high quality collection of music we restore to digital format for all fans of Italo-Disco and Euro-Disco of 80’s and I hope you can enjoy it with us!!!